Fixed-Index Annuities

Steady Income for Retirement

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Fixed-Index Annuities: What To Know

Annuities are great option for both income and growth. With market volatility, annuities provide a safe alternative to the traditional market. Choose between growth, income, or both. As you understand your clients concerns, we can build a product that solves their needs.

Protection Against Loss of Principal

A fixed-indexed annuity offers you two ways to earn interest: a fixed interest rate and interest based on an index’s performance. Its structure protects the fund from the volatility of the markets and is an excellent way to assure steady income during retirement. Then, when you’re ready to receive your funds, you can convert the balance into an income stream.

Who Are Fixed-Index Annuities For?

A good candidate for fixed indexed annuities is someone who:

  • Wants to grow their assets tax-deferred
  • Wants to protect their principal from market losses
  • Wants to receive a guaranteed income for life or a specified period of time

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